Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Ketu+ Saturn is very dangerous known as VISHPHOTAK YOG

Planets and stars have an undeniable impact on Humans. As many people say, destiny changes constantly because the planets and stars are not stationary. They are also moving constantly to different directions. Does that have an impact on humans? Well, it definitely has an impact as it will change the way you work or think or behave. Also, there are many YOGs which could have an impact on your livelihood. One such YOG is Ketu + Saturn. 

If your chart has this YOG then what can happen to you? The Ketu+ Saturn is very dangerous known as VISHPHOTAK YOG. The word VISHPHOTAK means Destructive. So, is this YOG an ominous sign for you? In this article, let’s brings to light what this VISHPHOTAK YOG can bring to you.}

#1 Problem in Your Relationships

Human beings are different from other animals not only for the brain but also the relationships. Humans cannot live a good life being isolated from humanity. So, as a human being, you need relationships. You will see some people are able to make friends however they struggle to maintain that friendship. Well, that is horrific, isn’t it? It means the person will be lonely for most of the time. That is one of the signs you may have VISHPHOTAK YOG in your birth chart. VISHPHOTAK YOG could literally make your life a living hell.

#2 Problem in Your Workspace

The reason why it is called VISHPHOTAK YOG is it can literally ruin everything. Just like the relationships, you will have problems to face in your workspace. You might have created a presentation for your client by working day in and night out. Still, your client does not approve it but you know that your presentation is perfect. Also, you might have certain issues with your boss which might result in catastrophic consequences as far as your career is concerned. As an entrepreneur, you could be losing your customers and clients rapidly and your business in on a never-ending downward spiral. That is something that you call VISHPHOTAK and this YOG brings in exactly thing like that. You have to consider visiting an astrologer and get its remedies because otherwise, your life could literally get ruined.

#3 Health Problems

Another big issue that could happen with you is the problems related to your health. Now, if you are someone who is already suffering from health problems then the VISHPHOTAK YOG can aggravate your condition. Moreover, if you do not have any health issue then still this VISHPHOTAK YOG will ensure that you have a health problem which is absolutely incurable. Now, as you grow old, you will have such issues, but if you are young and you are constantly facing health problems and in other words, you are becoming vulnerable to health problems then VISHPHOTAK YOG is taking a toll on you. You should immediately consult with an astrologer Kundali Expert and try to find out the remedies of this dreadful YOG in your birth chart.

There are people who are highly skeptic about taking the help of an astrologer. But you should understand that if you have a VISHPHOTAK YOG in your birth chart then no matter which remedy you try, all will end up in ashes. That is why it is important to understand and believe that the only person who can help you in such dire consequences is an astrologer. If you are making your skeptic-self take control of you then you are ruining your life with your own hands. Therefore, get your remedy from an astrologer and live a happy life. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Transition of Jupiter from 28th March 2019

Jupiter is one of the most powerful planets as far as astrology is concerned. It plays a pivotal role in determining the spiritual and intellectual aspects of life. It is truly remarked as an auspicious planet.  The transition of Jupiter from 28th March 2019 can have an impact on the lives of the people. That is why it is important to understand its effects and how a person can be successful with Jupiter at his helm. So, without further ado, let’s begin our discussion on perhaps the most auspicious planet as far as ideology is concerned and that is Jupiter.

Sign of Success

Many regards the planet, Jupiter, to be the sign of success. One of the reasons for that is those people who are seen to a heavy impact of Jupiter on their birth chart, eventually, have attained success in their lives. Jupiter is one of those planets which help you to success by providing all the possible circumstances for success. From businessmen to sportsmen to celebrities of various genres, if you have the impact of Jupiter in you then nothing can stop you from being a success.

How Jupiter Clears to Pathways for Success

In your road to glory, you will find plenty of obstacles such as lack of knowledge, lack of devotion and dedication to a particular work, lack of spiritual knowledge etc. Jupiter ensures that these obstacles get cleared from your pathways. Here is what the planet Jupiter does to ensure success.

Attainment of Knowledge

No matter how big you are or how great you are, without the knowledge, you cannot achieve anything. Jupiter helps you immensely to attain true knowledge. It helps you to become proficient in your own trade. Some might be great in academics or some might be excellent in some sorts of art but having Jupiter at their back will help there to excel whatever they are doing or want to do because they will attain expert knowledge of that thing which is essential for the success of anyone. Without expert knowledge of a certain domain, you cannot expect to be successful. Once you attain expert knowledge, you will not have to go after success because success will find its way to you.

Becoming More Dedicated or Devoted

It is quite essential to understand that if you want to acquire knowledge, wealth, and success, without dedication and devotion, it is impossible. You will see many people saying that they are not capable to attaining success and all that stuff, but the fact of the matter is Jupiter is a planet that helps you to stay dedicated, motivated, and devoted to your trade which makes your success a matter of time. Also, devotion to a particular trade helps you to become more established and knowledgeable.

Attain Spiritual Wisdom

If you want to live a fulfilling life then you need to have spiritual knowledge or self-knowledge. When you have Jupiter at the helm, you can attain spiritual knowledge which very few are able to have. Basically, you will be able to function in a better way you will be able to understand your plusses and minuses in a much better way.

So, as the transition of Jupiter from 28th March 2019, it will have some effect on you and the outcomes you are expecting. Therefore, consulting with an astrologer and knowing what you can expect from these situations is a great way of tackling it. As the transition is about to happen, take help of an expert astrologer who will guide you wonderfully in these changing times